sxMonitor  The Site Reliability Tool
“You've couple hundred of websites, and you don't know which one is down or up in this very moment?
We've a solution for you.”
Lets face it, in the era of online world 'uptime' is the money. Lots of site owners are ignoring this fact because they don't want to see and handle the result but even 5 minutes can cost your reputation.

Well its THE site monitor thats responding the need and will make you sleep well at night.
Checks accomplished via requests,
Can emulate cookies, GET requests and POST requests,
Adjustable checking time intervals,
Can perform REGEX, along empty repsonse and header responses checks
Priority control,
Supporting HTTP and HTTPs protocols,
Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcache deamons
Multi node connectivity for failovers
CAN MAKE 1200 requests/minute with VERY LOW SYSTEM USAGE
Comes with advanced Web User Interface:
Logs every check,
Error charts and diagrams,
Import/Export configs,
Remote API,
Custom E-mail warnings,
Raise alarms on failures and sent IM, Email unless problem is solved,
Config Backups,
Adding Temporary Checks,
And more..