CMS  Generic Content Management System
“There are hundreds of CMS on the market. As for THE difference, our CMS can be implemented in every system in minutes..
Smooth and steady.”
We are committed to delivering the best out of the box paysite CMS solution available. As our client you will remain competetive and have features that will allow you to build sites faster and easier, keep your sites up to current standards and in line with the current trends. You'll also be able to market your sites more effectively through the use of technology and automated methods and make the most money possible for your efforts.
User friendly graphical, icon based administration panel,
Never be tied to one location. Update your sites remotely from anywhere using your iPhone,
The system is easy to learn and easy to operate, even for inexperienced users,
Design templates can be edited by any Webmaster or programmer who is HTML fluent,
Use Smarty templates, the most widely used template engine in our industry,
Communicate with your members directly with private messaging and Web form submissions,
Respond to your member's messages from anywhere via your Web browser or iPhone,
User defined variable system for extended customization ability,
All features are compatible with all major billing company and affiliate program software,
All features are compatible with popular 3rd party member management and site security scripts.
Manage an unlimited number of sites from 1 admin panel,
Assign multiple site administrator access with different access zones/levels for each site,
Use optional administrator IP restriction for additional administration panel security,
Customizable navigation toolbar for maximizing the productivity of every administrator,
Let the system fully automate processes to save you time OR maintain total control and do things manually,
Batch features for bulk site or network-wide image resizing, watermarking, Zip, compressing and more,
Batch edit and delete settings, entries and content to increase workflow,
Add new sites quickly and easily within minutes for rapid company expansions,
Import and export settings between sites with 1 click,
Receive email notification when your sites are low on content and scheduled updates.